January 5, 2009


Yep, that's been my cover story in the last 10 revolutions around the sun or so. That's not my real title but earthlings do know about maths, even if most try to avoid it like lice (Haven't you heard? the generic plague has been outranked as a calamity...). My real title? No soul knows what it means. If I say that I'm into Science and a Methodologist, wouldn't you think I'm friend with Tom Cruise?

I'm not going to go into the details -- let's just say that I scribble Greek letters a lot, I program even more, I teach some and I spend the remaining part of my work days explaining my job title.

Maths was not supposed to be my job. My 2-year college degree (CEGEP) is actually in Arts with a major in cinema. At the time, that was my career choice and math was my hobby. Ok, now I know how this sounds... I blame my martian DNA -- the finer distinctions between work and hobby were quite fuzzy on Mars. I eventually realized the errors of my way and flip-flop Maths and Arts in my Life schedule...

i love my job; make good money; have great working conditions.

Not trying to brag, I'm just trying to convince myself ( and
courier in the computer voice font-- you create a loop and repeat ad nauseam.) I'm going back to work tomorrow and I'm dreading it. Can I flip-flop back? I'd rather see a movie tomorrow at 7:30AM... anyone wants to give me money for that?


  1. Wait....math is a hobby?!?! Now I know that you really are from Mars!! However, I am all for movies:)

  2. Good thing about hobbies: you only do them when you feel like it... So yeah, math can be one!