January 2, 2009

Earth Assignment

Let me fill you in on my earth assignment so far. "So far" meaning close to 35 revolutions around the sun. I was to pass as a earthling infant in a small eastern township city located at Latitude 45° 24' North and Longitude 71° 54' West.

I was to infiltrate the Lise and Jacques couple and pass as their kid. The couple part didn't last long but the infiltration was nonetheless a success. Both targets were very eager to accept their role as parent and did a fine job. This part of the assignment was easy for me as not only do I have physical resemblance to both of them but my earthling mind and personality can also be considered as a mash of theirs. Of course, there are some incongruities in my character. Mom and Dad might have had some light suspicions as some point or another that I was from Mars but never any concrete proofs. My quirks were said to be part of my charm... thus my mission was safe.

Baby Susie, just before the antenna grew in

I spend most of my time with Mom as she was my primary guardian. I did get to experience a novelty back then to have parents who were separated. Seems much more common now. What is still a uniqueness is to have divorced/separated parents who still get along. Mine always did, and I am very grateful for that. (I went to the office between Christmas and New Year. Overheard some awful awful stories of Holiday visitation schedules between battling exes and children caught in the middle... Sad, sad, sad. )

In my day-to-day life/assignments, I tend to complain a lot... or so I'm told. I am sure I'll get to show this side of me here soon enough. In the meantime, it felt like a good idea to start slowly with a very generic introduction... I'll be back soon ( please don't do the Austrian accent... I added the "soon" to make sure you didn't).


  1. I love the introduction! I am very pleased to meet you!

  2. Excellent introduction. I also complain a lot, or so I'm told. I think we'll get along fine...

  3. @Sheila : please to meet you too!

    @Suze : complaining, talking, breathing... pretty much the same. I don't know if you are at that that level but we should get along nonetheless!

  4. What a cute baby picture....congrats on blending in so well with us earthlings! According to my husband, complaining, talking and breathing can all be words used to describe me! We will get along great:)