January 3, 2009

Current location

Yesterday was a post about where I'm from. Today's about where I am. Currently living at latitude 45° 29' North and longitude 75° 40' West (AKA Gatineau). I work in reputably "boring" Ottawa.

Ottawa from Gatineau

Truthfully, Ottawa does have a few strikes against her... but I used (in)famous quote marks for a reason. Maybe the first impression you get from a city :
  1. mostly filled with politicians,
  2. ...and government workers,
  3. where everything close as soon as the sun is down,
is rather bland but you have to consider:
  1. recent politicians have created the best soapish drama available off cable,
  2. yours truly is a government employee (at least that's my current cover story. Granted, this might not have a lot of weight right now but wait until you know me better... :-)
  3. darkness is scary ( or at least brings in the funny; 2 points for you if you get the reference without using the link).
My Using Quote Point is that boredom is in the eye of the "bebored". There's always something strange and/or interesting to find if you know where to look. (Or should I say how to look). At worse, get yourself a
  1. a well-stocked liquor cabinet;
  2. a boredness-repellent husband/wife/partner;
  3. a new attitude;
  4. all of the above.


  1. I didn't use the link. But I think that Robin said that about darkness in the episode where Marshall finds her a Canadian bar....did I get it right???

    My daughter is in love with all things Canada and all things French. She would be so mad if I told her that you said Ottawa was kind of boring. So, to save myself from an almost 14 yr old girl temper, I'm keeping this all to myself:)

  2. Sorry to shatter any dreams... As I said, it's not as bad as it seems. For the French side, it has a bad rep when you compare it to Montreal or Quebec city but if you compare it to any other unknown city, it's pretty good! Yes on the HIMYM.

  3. My youngest had the pleasure of doing his, "Oh, sorry ... didn't see you there. Have a donut? It's on the hoose," for a Canadian the other day. The Canadian person gave him an A+ for accent (and adorableness).