January 8, 2009

Break-in and cleaning policy

Yesterday morning, I notice that my next door neighbors' door was open. My sluggish morning mind was like hummm, something's strange because:
  1. it was 5:30AM;
  2. there was a snow storm outside ( inside snow storm are rare, even in Canada);
  3. the neighbors are away on vacation until Friday.
So we ended up calling the police. By we, I mean my problem-solver of a husband. Two cops were patched to our neighbors' house, went inside and came back with good news -- nothing seems misplaced and/or missing. "They are very clean persons and everything seems perfect inside!" they said.

My overly (not) positive mind did a double take there. Ok, let's play "A day in your shoes". What if our situations were reversed? The neighbors called the police because the door to our unattended house was left open... What would they say? "For sure, there was a break-in; we can't hardly step in, there's crap all over the place?!"

Let me add that to my list of earth life lessons:
  1. Wear clean underwear in case of an accident;
  2. Always clean your house in case of a (almost) break-in;
  3. (still open)
Lessons are fun when nobody gets hurt. Hypothetical misadventures are just just calling for what ifs. If thieves broke into your house, what's the worse thing they could steal? What would you miss the most?


  1. I thought in Canada everybody just kept their doors open anyways.

  2. The last time I was caught up in an inside snow storm I did remark at just how long it had been since the last time.

  3. @Avitable: Not at 5:30AM; we're afraid of the dark!

    @Kevin: I blame global warming...