January 1, 2009

Hello world

New year is supposed to mean new resolutions... Should I "resolute" to blog this year? God knows I could find more traditional objectives. Should I stress less or step to the fore more? ( resolution No 1 : no more rhymes). Could I use to shed a few pounds? Sure, who wouldn't after Christmas. But where's the fun in that...

I've seen the 365 challenges last year and thought that was an interesting concept. Can I commit to that? Of course not. I can barely commit to finish this post. I still need something to aim for though. I'll go with 192 posts for the year. In my workplace, 192 is the number of days in a year where we are actually supposed to work-work. Seams low but once you remove week-ends, vacations, holidays, sick days, don't feel like it days* it is a pretty accurate number.

* Ok, the plural here is just wishful thinking. We only have 1 "don't feel like it day" at work, and DFLI is not the official name used by HR ( but it should be, don't you think?). As with any (almost) unplanned paid time off, this day is always the best...

Three paragraphs in and I am already confused-- where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I will blog. I still have 191 posts this year to let you know who I am, how I chose my blog name and most importantly why people around me like to know in advance when I am driving. If this gets boring, just sit down and enjoy a nice cup of blueberry tea.


  1. Dang! That recipe sounds so good that I wouldn't mind having it on earth!

    Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  2. You had me at your drink recipe! And then you really had me at your DFLI remark:)

    Looking forward to getting to know you! Welcome to the madness.....mwahahaha!!

  3. @Dave and @Becky : Thank you both for the welcome!

  4. @Avitable : Thanks!

    @Sheila : of course you can... I hate the Blackberry that rings and buzzes at every hour of the day but the one that can be infused in hot water? Friend of mine!

  5. @Kevin : Thanks! I'm still in the 'I can stop whenever I want' phase.