January 14, 2009

Extra time?

Right now, there are some conflicts between my web life, sim life and my real life. Why can't all my persona get along? They're all fighting for the same cause: 30 hour days !

Imagine what you could do with 6 extra hours each day! I know that I would:
  • spend real time with my family (by real, I mean enjoyable, not task-oriented time);
  • write a clever blog entry with real content, every day;
  • go through my reader ( I just started using Google reader; I was just a blog hopper going from one to another to another before. I had maybe 10 blogs that I really loved and never missed. I typed in their address by hand... The rest was whatever I found in the time I had. Now, with the reader, it is easier to follow stories and people but god, I've never seen so much bold numbers... Hey, I could also try to think of something to say and delurk once in a while-- now, I'm just a r.a.p.i.s.t.);
  • finish a book (I started the The Sword of Truth series recently. I'm only at book 3 ; there are 172 of them, or so. This is something that should make me happy as I hate to "leave" characters at the end of a book, movie, tv show... Once a character has a life in my head, I will follow him/her forever. Even if its vessel turns bad. So looong series are a big plus in my book but there are so many words just waiting to be read. It feels almost daunting...);
  • shake those trees and find a third piano ( Blame him. I play Animal crossing now. No, I do not why it's so addictive; I do not understand the goal of this game. Yet, I can't stop);
  • do something other than sitting on a chair ( thank god my ass still fits on a chair... but I really need to get myself moving, or else I'll get stuck...).
6 extra hours, 6 bullets. Oh, and I guess I would want some extra sleep as well... Should I aim for 36-hour days?

January 12, 2009

Outsider's trading tip

I'm doing my part for the world economy. I'm investing large amount of money into acetaminophen and ibuprofen; you should expect a rise in the stock value for these.

I'm also doing my part for the family budget as I 'm looking for DIY lobotomy kit. Maybe if I take out the three spots in my brain which are killing me, everything would be better? Maybe my brain elfs are just playing World Tour in there. Thus the pain. I must excuse them (training mode, I guess?)

Speaking of excuses, you will forgive the fact that I didn't really post this yesterday, will you?

January 10, 2009

House of mirrors

Is reading back your blog posts like looking in a mirror? Is blogging about that like filming yourself in a photo booth? And can a picture of that create an infinite loop? Or is that the recipe for dark matter...

At least, I'm wearing a nice shirt

January 9, 2009


I had this post planned out where I would describe what I would miss if something got stolen. I had trouble to think of anything. Material things we could easily replace with money from our insurance. In some case, we would even get something better (somebody steal my old home computer, please!).

Things with sentimental value? I can hardly think that they would be worth anything to anyone else... Pictures that are not in electronic format? that might be hard to part with... or would it? It is not the pictures themselves, it's the memories behind the pictures that I treasure. And you can't steal that away from me.

I was feeling all happy at my sudden Zen-like attitude. Then I learned that my beloved earth grand-mother is having a hard time remembering simple things. Like the last time she visited us. Or that she even ever came to our house...

My beloved grand-mother.

And then I was not Zen. Not at all.

January 8, 2009

Break-in and cleaning policy

Yesterday morning, I notice that my next door neighbors' door was open. My sluggish morning mind was like hummm, something's strange because:
  1. it was 5:30AM;
  2. there was a snow storm outside ( inside snow storm are rare, even in Canada);
  3. the neighbors are away on vacation until Friday.
So we ended up calling the police. By we, I mean my problem-solver of a husband. Two cops were patched to our neighbors' house, went inside and came back with good news -- nothing seems misplaced and/or missing. "They are very clean persons and everything seems perfect inside!" they said.

My overly (not) positive mind did a double take there. Ok, let's play "A day in your shoes". What if our situations were reversed? The neighbors called the police because the door to our unattended house was left open... What would they say? "For sure, there was a break-in; we can't hardly step in, there's crap all over the place?!"

Let me add that to my list of earth life lessons:
  1. Wear clean underwear in case of an accident;
  2. Always clean your house in case of a (almost) break-in;
  3. (still open)
Lessons are fun when nobody gets hurt. Hypothetical misadventures are just just calling for what ifs. If thieves broke into your house, what's the worse thing they could steal? What would you miss the most?

January 7, 2009

Yesterday in one word

In the grand fashion of the Outburst board game, let me give you a list of ten synonyms to describe yesterday :
  1. Advil
  2. Tylenol
  3. Anacin
  4. Motrin
  5. Aleve
  6. Bayer's
  7. Exedrin
  8. Phenaphen
  9. Nuprin
  10. Empirin
In this new word game, pleonasms are highly appreciated. Translated in real life, I would like any (and every) combination from the 10 above.